Welcome to Bleached Bones!

Imagine this, a never-ending desert, populated by giant creatures, where water is something of great value. Dotted throughout are city-states each ruled by a powerful sorcerer, always plotting to overthrow one another. Inside the city corruption bristles around every corner, from the blood stained arenas to the sun baked quarrys. Everywhere you look someone is exploiting the people. Slavery runs rampant, no where is safe from the slavers. Tyr has taken the amazing step to ban slavery from its land, but illegal slavers still work in the back alleys and caves of the city. The desert is dangerous, huge seas of silt can suck up entire wagons and harbor evil creatures while sandstorms can destroy the best of travelers. Almost every arcane spell sucks the life out of anything near, rendering the soil sterile and plants dead. People abhor anything arcane, usually sentencing magic users to gladiatorial death.

Anyway, welcome to the game.

Bleached Bones